Thursday, February 8, 2018

Is it okay to hang dry flowers and leaves on the main door

Mango leaves hold a lot of significance and importance in Hinduism. It is a common sight to see mango leaves thoran and garlands tied on the main door of a house. These thorans and garlands should be made from fresh flowers and fresh mango leaves.

But the common question is what do we with those thorans after the pooja / wedding is over or after they have dried up.

Is it okay to hang dry flowers and leaves or dried lemon on the main door?

The answer is an absolute NO. The mango leaves and the garlands and the lemons absorb all the 
negative energy in the house leaving the house with a positive aura.Once the lemons and leaves are dried, it implies that all the negative energy is absorbed. So it needs to carefully disposed in the wet waste bin without being brought into the house or you just throw it outside under some tree. You can then clean and decorate the main door with fresh mango leaves, colorful flowers, and juicy yellow lemons.

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