Friday, September 22, 2017

Melmaruvathur Adiparaskthi Amman 108 Potri in Tamil

Unil Dec 2016, I had not actually never worshipped Melmaruvathur Amman. But then, things changed when my maid got me a pic of Adiparasakthi Amman, a chain with amman dollar, a scared thread and some prasad. I placed Adiparasathi Amman's pic in my pooja shelf and started worshipping her. 

I also realised that the Om Shakthi Temple in Hoodi is also for Melmaruvathur Adiparasakthi Amman.

Here are the 108 potri in Tamil for Melmaruvathur Adi Parasakthi Amman.

!!Om Shakthi Om!!

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