Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Aadi Pooram

Back in 2011, we were in Chennai; Madipakkam to be precise.

The Tamil month Adi is highly auspicious for Tamilians and people fervently pray to Goddess Shakthi. Adi Chevvai(Tuesday) and Adi Velii(Friday) are the most important days. Married women offer thamboolam to other married women(sumangali). The Thamboolam generally consists of Coconut, betel leaves, paaku, turmeric and kumkum, a fruit, bangles (generally two) and a coin. Aadi pooram is the day when people do valaikappu(baby shower) to Goddess Shakthi. People offer one set of bangles to the Goddess and on Adi Pooram , Amman is decorated with bangles. Such a beautiful sight to see!

In common, women offer bangles to Amman to bring prosperity to the family. Women who are planning to have a baby and those who are expecting a baby, offer bangles of baby size. Unmarried girls also offer bangles to get hitched soon.

Om Sakthi Om! Sakthi Om Sakthi Om!!
Om Sakthi Om! Sakthi Om Sakthi Om!!
Om!! Om!! Om!!

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