Friday, July 14, 2017

How to pray Durga Maa at home

Durgai amman or Durga Maa is the fierce and ferocious form of Goddess Shakthi; yet she is the kind Mother who protects all her devotees. People who seek shelter in her will defintely be blessed with good health and immense prosperity. All the enemies and obstacles in one's life are bound to vanish just as the dew vanishes with sun rays when one prays to Durga Maa.

Raahu Kaala Durga Amman pooja in Tamil Nadu
People in South India, light lemon diyas to durgai amman during Rahu kaalam on Tuesdays and Fridays. A fresh lemon without black spots and bruises is chosen and washed. Then the lemon is cut into two equal halves and the juice is squeezed out. The lemon is then inverted into a diya.  A wick is placed and is filled with ghee or gingelly oil. The lemon diya is then lit infront of Durgai amman and her divine blessing is seek. The squeezed lemon juice can be offered to the goddess as Neivediyam or can be taken home as prasad. People also generously offer red or pink Arali flowers(Oleander flowers) and do archanai. 

How to pray Durga Maa/Durgai amman at home?

Clean your pooja room.
Place Durga Maa's idol or picture on a new red cloth.
Offer her sweets and red flower. People in Tamil Nadu generally offer red Arali(Oleander) flowers for Durgai amman.
Offer her lemon.(in odd numbers 1,3,5....)
Light a diya and incense sticks.
Pray with utmost devotion to Durga Maa.
Perform an aarti for Durga Maa chanting "Óm Shakthi Om".

You can also chant Öm Dum Durgayeh Namaha or sing Sarva Mangala Maangalyae as many as times as you can.


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