Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hanuman Mantra For Removing Black Magic

It could be extremely painful to know that people around you have done black magic to you. But do not panic. There is Almighty above all of us, protecting us ! There is the law of Karma where what you do will definitely come back to you. The more you pray, the more you trust God, you can stay secured from all such black magic and evil spirits. 

Om Harimarkata  Mahamarkataya
Para yantra bhaaya
Para mantra bhaya
Para tantra bhaya
Paravidhya Chedaya – Chedaya ||


  1. Hello pandit ji
    DOB-15/08/1987 time -5:30 place-chandigarh. Name- Anjali sharma
    Mari shadi ko 5 saal ho gaye h.mujhe koisantan nh h koi upaye batao


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