Friday, July 7, 2017

7 simple things to do at home to keep evil spirits at bay

Just as a coin has two sides, every positive thing in this world has an equivalent negative too. Seeking shelter within the Almighty is the only way to keep ourselves protected from such negative and evil spirits. While people who feel that they are under the spell of some black magic perform special poojas at temples that are specifically designed to nullify the hazardous black magic, here we suggest you some simple things that you could do on a daily basis to remove all negative energies around you.

1. Keep you house neat and tidy:

Though simple, keeping a house clean is the basic thing to keep evil spirits away. Keep your house well lit and clutter free. Keep the windows open and let natural light illuminate the house removing the darkness.

2. Use crystal salt/turmeric to wash your entrance:

Every morning, ensure to wash the entrance floor with salt or turmeric diluted in water. This prevents negative energy from entering the house. Scientifically, doing so keeps small insects and germs away.

3. Place a Tulasi plant at home:

According to Hinduism, Tulasi is a form of Goddess Lakshmi. Place a Tulasi plant in your house and water regularly. Light a diya too and invoke the Goddess's blessing to protect you from all the evils.

4. Use swastika and Om symbols:

Place auspicious symbols like Thirisoolam, Swastika and Om at the main door.

5. Light Diya:

Face East, light a diya with ghee and pray sincerely. Miracles happen everyday and the Almighty will bestow all his blessings.

6. Place lemons:

Cut a lemon into two. Apply kumkum and place on either side of the main door. This is commonly followed in South India to ward off evil eyes.

7. Incense sticks:

Incense sticks are an integral part of any pooja. Burning them fills the air with fresh fragrance and create a holy atmosphere.

!!!Om Shakthi Om!!!

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