Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Atharva veda mantra to conceive a baby and to prevent miscarriage/abortion

To prevent abortion/miscarriage and to concieve a child:

Pumansam Patram Janey Tam Pumananu Jayatam Bhagvati Rajarjeshwari Putranam Mata Jatanam Jamyashyam Yan

At the time of prayer daily in the morning take a vessel full of pure water, keep it before Diviine mother Rajarajeshwari in some form .After finishing your daily prayer take a few drops of water and reacting this mantra, shower the drops on the lady.A small quantity of water and reciting this mantra, shower the drops on the lady.A small quantity of water may be taken by her with faith in Divine mother Rajarajeshwari. This is an atharvana vedic injunction. 

When a lady doesn't conceive after the birth of child or there are continuous abortion after such state is called "KAKVANDYA".In such a case , when she wants one more child , the following mantra be recited 108 times daily for 21 days.

Om Nama shaktirupaya Rajarajesharee mama Grihe Putram Kuru Kuru swaha

In addition to the above mantra , the following be also followed:
Bring the root of Ashvagand on Sunday during Pushya nakshtra and mix it with milk of Buffalo. Make a powder of it. This be taken by the lady with milk one or two tolas daily. After seven days she will conceive. Ashvagand root can be easily procured in any Indian ayurvedic shop or by order online with many ayurvedic shops. 

3.75 oz. troy :

= 10 tolas (Indian sub-continent)

This is a very strong and TESTED mantra , which is said to have been devised by lord SHIVA to RAJARAJESHWARI DEVI for securing a son.

Om Hareeng Haroong Putram Kuru Kuru Swaha
The lady should recite this mantra on a branch of mango tree or under the mango tree at a lonely place . The mantra be recited before lord SHIVA and RAJARAJESHWARI 108 times daily and for 21 days continuously.


  1. wat if we dont have a mango tree near ,then wat to do?

  2. what it this Pushya nakshtra

  3. For how many days take this ashayganda root only for two three days? Or it will take only in period time please guide me properly I'm really thankful to you and it's sure it helpful for pregnancy please tell me

  4. Jai Sree Ram. We all commit sins knowingly and unknowingly.You can ask for forgiveness by reciting the hanuman chalisa . Reciting the opening verses of the Hanuman Chalisa at night at least 8 times helps to remove the sins you may have committed.

  5. Jai Hanuman.Hi Friends,
    I think "HANUMAN JI" is most powerful god in universe.
    I pray to "HANUMAN JI" for long and happy life of every good person in world.
    Reading hanuman chalisa will give you success.

  6. Yes! Lord Hanuman will always help his devotees in need. He is the power of the universe. Chanting hanuman chalisa daily once will bring you luck and remove fear, obstacles etc in your way.

  7. nice post! I used to chant hanuman chalisa lyrics daily once with devotion. I saw the change in my life . It is one of the most powerful mantra chanted by millions every day.


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