Friday, August 26, 2011

Garbarakshambigai Slokam to get pregnant

Women with infertility problems and others who are trying to conceive should read the following Mantra of Garbarakshambigai . If time permits chant the Mantra 108 times everyday and invoke the blessings of the Goddess to get a healthy child.

Aum Garbarakshambigaayai cha vidhmahe
Mangala dhevadhaayai cha dheemahee
Dhanno devi prachodhayaath 

There is also one more Slokam that can be chanted 108 times a day to get pregnant or to get married.

Aum devendhiraani namosthubyam 
Dhevendhira piriya baamini
Vivaaha baakyam aarokyam 
Puthra Laabam sadhehime
Padhim dhehi sudham dhehi
Soubaakyam dhehime subhe
Soumaangalyam subam Gnayanam
Dhehime Garbarakshake
Kaathyaayini mahaamaaye. Maha yoginya dhisvari
Nandhagoba seedham dhevam. Padhim Megurudhe Namah

May God shower her blessings on us with a healthy and long life child.


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  3. hello everyone
    this garbharakshambikai mantra/slokas r so good for mom to be or people trying to concieve.its my personal im pregnant, jus coz of garbharakshambikai thayar.after so many medical problems and doctors gave me d last chance.prayed to ambal with devotion,took ghee prasadam from temple and kept hearing her so happy.wanted to share to all who desperately trying for kid.may her blessings always be on u all.


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